Currency Reader

Have you ordered yours? It is FREE. The currency reader is a credit card sized device that you can attach to your key chain that will read the domination of paper money. It is provided, free of charge, by the US Government to all blind and visually impaired persons.  Go to to register. You can also register by phone at 1

Even the Cold Can’t Stop Us

VIBES members and their families braved the cold for an afternoon of tandem biking on January 18. In addition, members also have been enjoying indoor rock climbing at Riversports on Sutherland on Saturday mornings. The last session of the season will be Saturday, March 7 at 9:00 am. All VIBES members and their families are invited to participate. Even though this is indoors,

Young Professionals Gather

The newly formed young professional and college age group gathered February 3 at the Buckley’s. The nine young adults, include  students from UT and Maryville College as well as recent graduates.  In addition to socializing, they discussed accessible signage at UT, possible blog topics, and ways they can mentor the younger members. A favorite topic is sharing apps that various members have

Meet Elizabeth

We have a new member, Elizabeth, who is a student at UT and experienced her FIRST EVER bike ride at January’s tandem biking. It was exciting for everyone watching when Elizabeth threw up her arms and shouted “I am riding a bike”. Elizabeth also attended the last Young Professionals gathering. We asked Elizabeth some questions to help us get to

Driver or Passenger

Image from back seat

Several years ago, I was having dinner with two blind friends when the conversation turned to dreams. One person, we’ll call him Bob, mentioned that he had a recurrent dream in which he was always a passenger in the back seat of a car in which there was no one driving. The other friend, we’ll call him Bill, said that

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