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Meet Mike

We introduce club VIBES member, Mike Milley, who recently moved to Knoxville. Mike is active in the Young Professional/College group and especially likes bike riding. Here is Mike’s story. “I grew up near Lancaster Pennsylvania but was actually born in Korea and was adopted at 13 months of age. I love to travel and have traveled all over the country … Continue reading

May 4

Gummy Bears and Rainbow Colored Candy;  What Do They Have in Common? By Erin Moore Our meeting for Monday May 4th began with a picnic in the Buckley’s driveway. We discussed future meetings and events. We gave a recap of the Townsend bike ride and pizza party at Cycology, for those who were not in attendance. Mike Milley gave a … Continue reading

KAT Scavenger Hunt

    The Knoxville Area Transit Scavenger Hunt will take place on June 12th 2015. Participation is open to anyone in grades 6-12. The activity involves using KAT buses to complete tasks along a prescribed route. Club VIBES members gather up some friends and register now!! (must be by May 29) What: An area wide scavenger hunt using the KAT transit … Continue reading

I Think You Can’t; I Think You Can’t

I think you can't

One of the unfortunate and unavoidable consequences of losing, or never having, vision is that many people, and this may include family, friends, and teachers, to say nothing of the general public, may have a lower expectation of you. We all get negative feedback that doesn’t enhance our self-image, sometimes subtle (Bob, I’d love to go out with you but … Continue reading

Facial Blindness

Facial Blindness

A Note from John:  Please welcome guest contributor Lakenzie Crawford to our “Freedom to Fly” blog. Lakenzie Crawford is a junior at the University of Tennessee where she is studying to pursue a career involving practice, research, and policy making as they relate to special education through the College Scholars Interdisciplinary Honors Program. She is one of the founding members of … Continue reading

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