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The Dumbest Questions I’ve Ever Been Asked As a Blind Person

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Almost every question I’ve ever been asked as a blind person has been prompted by a genuine, and quite understandable, lack of knowledge. Below are some notable exceptions. Whoever said that there are no dumb questions never met the people who asked these. All of these really happened. I couldn’t make up this stuff. “Do you know how to fasten … Continue reading


On Sunday June 7, Club VIBES members, families and friends were treated to a visit from Jamie Bianchini, author of a BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO MILLION that included a bike ride, book signing, and pizza at Cycology. In 2002, Jamie and a friend, Garryck Hampton, became “Peace Pedalers”, embarking on an 8 year adventure traveling to 81 countries with their … Continue reading

You’re So Amazing: Behind Stage at the Magic Show

Which of the following statements are you most likely to hear from someone you have just met if you’re blind? You’re so amazing. You’re so inspirational. You’re so courageous. I’m so sorry. All of the above. This is a trick question because, despite the title of this blog, the correct answer is “e.” The one thing all of these answers … Continue reading

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