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UT Student Receives National Award for Video Documentary

Caroline Knight, a cinema studies and video production major at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, made the trip to New York to receive an award for her video documentary, “Visionary.” The College Media Association selected “Visionary” as winner of the long documentary category. “Visionary” documents the story of Sue Buckley, co-founder of Club VIBES, and how she’s given back since … Continue reading

What Should You Do When Meeting Someone Who Is Blind?

Meeting a person who is blind

I would like to think that, polished sophisticate that I am, if I were introduced to, say, Queen Elizabeth or former President Clinton, I would remain the ever-poised person I like to think myself to be and not blurt, “Hi, Liz” or “Hey, how’s Monica doing?” In my more realistic moments, however, I have to admit that, nervous and ill-at-ease, I’d probably be more likely to commit a social faux pas than I would like to think.

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