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The Secrets of Locating Good Accessible Technology for Someone with Low Vision

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, the large majority of people meeting the definition of legal blindness still have some usable vision. The following post from Veronica Lewis’s accessible technology blog provides an excellent overview of some of the most common tech tools to help people with low vision. To enhance readability, I’ve omitted the links to resources and … Continue reading

How Can Someone Who Is Visually Impaired Use Microsoft Whiteboard

I have lost track of the number of blind and visually-impaired people, both students and teachers, who I know that struggle with Microsoft’s Whiteboard. The following post is perhaps the best explanation I’ve read about how it can be used. While this is likely more specialized information than the average reader of this blog is interested in, it is, nonetheless, … Continue reading

What Sesame Street Has to Do with Accessible Technology

Many years ago, just a couple of years after “Sesame Street” began on public television, some researchers associated with PBS were interested in learning whether the show was accomplishing its stated goal; that is, was it providing educational benefit to disadvantaged children or was it just a cute, entertaining program for the preschool set? The researchers distinguished between two groups … Continue reading

How I Spent My Spring Social Distancing

We all have those things we plan on doing if we only had the time. Well, now due to social distancing, many of us have that time. Some of the ones on my list have something to do with blindness; some of them don’t. I’m sharing the lists below to help you make more productive use of all that free … Continue reading

Confronting Corona as a Blind Person

I should be embarrassed to confess that I have always been fascinated by epidemics. Cholera, small pox, polio, the great influenza pandemic, it doesn’t matter. I admit that I struggle to understand the virology or bacteriology behind these diseases but am captivated by the stories of how people respond to them. Whether it’s the bubonic plague or yellow fever, some … Continue reading

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