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Snowplows in Disneyworld

Several years ago, while walking with a flight attendant through an airport to make a connection, I asked her what was the least desirable flight to work. My mother had been a flight attendant many years ago, and I remembered that hostesses (as they were called in a less politically correct time) bid for the flights they wanted based on … Continue reading

How to Prepare for Transitioning to College

While the following post from Is written with the visually-impaired audience in mind, it, nonetheless, contains useful material for anyone planning to transition from high school to college. I usually delete the links from Veronica’s blogs to make reading easier, in this case I’ve left them in because they are exceptionally valuable. When I was first researching colleges in … Continue reading

Reading Bookshare with Microsoft Word

Bookshare is one of the primary ways blind and visually-impaired students can access much of the printed material available to their sighted peers. While it’s not especially difficult to learn, the following post by Veronica Lewis simplifies the process. For the complete text of the original, including some useful links, go to Reading Bookshare Titles with Microsoft Word As a … Continue reading

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