I first became acquainted with Club VIBES in 2009 and volunteered with them for 2 years until I left for Optometry School. I have recently returned and am excited to re-establish my involvement with Club VIBES

     I grew up in Pine Mountain, Georgia in a family of 5 who are now spread around the country. I received a Biology degree from the University of Georgia, then in 2009 I moved to Knoxville for a research position at Oak Ridge National Lab.
    Shortly after moving, I read about Sue and John Buckley and Club Vibes in a newspaper article. I had previously volunteered for one month in a school for the blind in Trujillo, Peru. That experience was extraordinarily meaningful so I knew I wanted to continue volunteer work with an organization for those with low or no vision. I contacted Sue and began volunteering in late 2009. At that time I helped organize the Cherokee Blvd tandem bike rides, created a database of volunteers, and helped write the original website.
    While I did enjoy 2 years working in laboratory research, I decided to make a career out of something that had long held my interest and would allow me to make a direct impact on others’ daily lives. So, in 2011, I moved to Philadelphia for Optometry school. There I learned a little about driving in snow and a lot about eye health and disease! I’m now working as an optometrist at Blount County Eye Center. I live in Knoxville with a little dog named Pippin who accompanies me on all my east Tennessee adventures.
    I’m incredibly impressed by the growth and progress Club Vibes made while I was away! I’m excited to rejoin all the fantastic volunteers and members who make this an incredible organization!

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