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The ADA: Fact and Fiction

What people know, or think they know, about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is frequently as much urban legend as fact. Employers often think it imposes more of a burden on them than it really does, and the disability community often believes it guarantees rights that it doesn’t. Since this is not legal information you’re going to learn by

U.S. Supreme Court Passes on Domino’s Case: Commenters Misunderstand

Because of the publicity attending the Domino’s case and internet accessibility, I’m going to be reprinting the comments of Lainey Feingold, an attorney specializing in disability law in my next few posts. Her original post, which may be found at is lengthy and, because it is clearly written and provides a thoughtful explanation of the issues, I’m going to

How to Pull the Plug on the Internet

The following post was written two days before the Supreme Court denied certiorari (refused to hear) the case discussed below. Nonetheless, since the issues aren’t likely to disappear any time in the immediate future, it seems worth posting anyway. Imagine tomorrow morning that about half of the websites you try to go to have disappeared. If you need to access

The Dog Blog: Returning Home

Returning home with a new guide dog is not exactly the same as driving off the lot with a new car because part of the thrill of having that new car is that you anticipate that everything will work perfectly, and, for the most part, it probably will. Unlike cars, dogs don’t come with warrantees. At the risk of pointing

Ten Ways Visual Impairment Influenced Classic Artists

The following post first appeared as part of the excellent blog that Veronica Lewis writes on visual impairment. She is a student majoring in information technology at George Mason University in Northern Virginia. To make the reading a bit easier, I have deleted all of the citations to medical publications that Veronica included in the original post to document her

The Dog Blog: Learning to Work with a Dog

Several years ago, a blind friend who taught political science at the local university was doing research that involved interviewing sheriffs in small Southern towns. He explained that he always found it relatively easy to establish rapport when he was accompanied by his guide dog. As he said, “Sheriffs are suckers for a well-trained dog.” He used to tell the

Ten Tech Skills Every College Student Needs

Veronica Lewis is a college student studying Information Technology at George Mason University in Northern Virginia. She has a visual impairment herself and a special interest in adaptive technology. While this is a really excellent post outlining the skills a visually impaired student should have when entering college, it also is a clear, concise guide for anyone to work more

The Dog Blog: for Dogs

Can you remember the day you graduated from high school? Your first day of work? There are a few events in our lives that are so life-changing that, even in the moment, we realize their significance. It’s no exaggeration to say that Getting a guide dog is in the same category for most blind people. The schools that train dogs

The Dog Blog: Creating the Right Dog

In my last post, I talked in general about the experience of working with a guide dog. At the risk of belaboring the obvious, it’s not quite the same as training the family pet. So, this time I’ll raise the curtain a bit on what goes on behind the scene to “create” a guide dog. It’s so obvious that guide

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