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14 Things I’m Glad I Can’t See

Several years ago, a friend and I used to play a game when shopping at Wal-Mart. Once we got back in the car, she had to choose the weirdest person she’d seen in the store and describe them. To be sure, sometimes this was a tough decision, and she had to choose among several contenders. On the day in question,

A Note of Thanks

I am writing this between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a time of year when we tend to reflect on the blessings in our lives, something that is especially appropriate as we near the end of 2020, a time that has been uncommonly depressing and isolating. When I received the following story several days ago, I immediately thought of those of you

Making a House Livable for Someone Who Is Blind

Some years ago, one of the more distinctive shows on television was a program titled “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous.” It was just what the name promised, a voyeuristic tour of the homes of celebrities accompanied with the narration of the cheesiest announcer in the history of broadcasting. So, although it will lack the pizzazz and tackiness of

Visiting the Museum of Modern Art with a Visual Impairment

Frequent readers of the VIBES blog know what a fan I am of Veronica Lewis’ blog. The large majority of her posts deal with accessible technology, but, from time-to-time, she includes other topics such as the one below. There are several sections of the original that refer to more sophisticated technologies that she uses to access the art and, because

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Virtual Class

With the emphasis on much of education becoming virtual because of Covid-19, the following post from Veronica Lewis provides some useful guidance. To facilitate reading, I’ve deleted a number of related links she provides in her original post. To read these, visit 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Virtual Class As students of all ages begin planning registration for

How To Request Accessible Textbooks In College

One of the single most important things to master as a visually-impaired college student is getting printed materials, especially textbooks, in a form you can use. The following post is reprinted from The other day, one of my friends texted me with an urgent question asking how to request accessible textbooks in college. Their professor had just announced they


By Illya Jaws is a screen reading program that can be installed on any Windows computer, I knew about Jaws and how useful it was, but unfortunately I didn’t start learning it until the final semester of my senior year in high school. Going into college I was many steps behind where I needed to be. I was able to


By Sarah Ever since I was a young child, I have dreamt of working in the healthcare field. After spending most of my childhood in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals, I wanted to be able to help others the way that my doctors helped me. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Tennessee in

Why Blindfolding Is a Really Dumb Idea

Frequently, with the very best of intentions, someone decides that blindfolding people who are sighted will help them understand what it’s like to be blind. Superficially, this sounds like a great idea; after all, it’s a walk a mile in my moccasins moment, isn’t it? Describing it as “really dumb” is pretty strong language so let me explain. There are

The 11 Secrets to Overcoming Disability

While we don’t want to think about it, most of us, if we live long enough, are preparing to become disabled. That’s a pretty scary thought, but, after all, the human body begins to go out of warranty at about age forty. After that, we can’t count on hips, back, vision, etc. being what they were when we were twenty.

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