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I Think You Can’t; I Think You Can’t

I think you can't

One of the unfortunate and unavoidable consequences of losing, or never having, vision is that many people, and this may include family, friends, and teachers, to say nothing of the general public, may have a lower expectation of you. We all get negative feedback that doesn’t enhance our self-image, sometimes subtle (Bob, I’d love to go out with you but

Facial Blindness

Facial Blindness

A Note from John:  Please welcome guest contributor Lakenzie Crawford to our “Freedom to Fly” blog. Lakenzie Crawford is a junior at the University of Tennessee where she is studying to pursue a career involving practice, research, and policy making as they relate to special education through the College Scholars Interdisciplinary Honors Program. She is one of the founding members of

Tandem biking on greenways or walking paths

These paved trails can be especially dangerous for Juicy bikes due to the higher speeds and reduced reaction time. Especially on the weekends, you will encounter a lot of families with kids, strollers, scooters, and dogs. Many are weekend warriors or new to the concept of getting out for a workout. They are not aware of the proper etiquette nor

Do I Really Have to Learn Braille?

Now that blind students can have access to talking computers, why in the world should they have to learn Braille? Computers are fun, even addictive; Braille is hard. Computers are twenty-first century; Braille is nineteenth century. Computers are cool; Braille is, well, old-fashioned. Before looking a little more closely at the issue, a few words of self-disclosure may be in

Driver or Passenger

Image from back seat

Several years ago, I was having dinner with two blind friends when the conversation turned to dreams. One person, we’ll call him Bob, mentioned that he had a recurrent dream in which he was always a passenger in the back seat of a car in which there was no one driving. The other friend, we’ll call him Bill, said that

Do You Work?

Home office

People who study this sort of thing report that the most important question and the one that is most frequently asked when people first meet is “What do you do?” This is useful information when trying to quickly decide if this is someone you want to know better or whether you need to start thinking of a tactful excuse to

Do You Dream?

Do You Dream?

Most of the questions people are dying to know about being blind are the sorts of things you would guess. My favorite, because the answer is far from obvious, is “Do you dream?” Interestingly, at least in my experience, this is something children are more interested in than adults. Closely related to this is a second question: Do you know

Can You See Anything?

Can You See Anything?

Virtually all of us, as small children, are taught not to ask why Uncle Fred is so fat or the next door neighbor has so many wrinkles. I’ve noticed that even people whose social skills are fairly appalling have generally mastered this lesson. I clearly remember the day when, at about age six, I asked my mother why “Aunt Mary

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