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How Does a Blind Person Use a Computer or Smartphone?

David Goldfield Although I have written on the topic of how someone who is blind uses a computer, I’m reprinting a blog from David Goldfield, a professional blind software tester, that appeared in September 2018 because, to be perfectly honest, he just does a better job explaining the topic. Throughout my day, both at work as well as going to

The Dog Blog: What Should I Know about Getting a Dog?

I’ve lost track of the number of times over the years that some stranger has said, “I wish my dog were that well behaved” while nodding to my guide dog. This is always flattering since I want the dog to be unobtrusive and not call attention to itself by its behavior. This having been said, nothing related to blindness attracts

The Blind Senator

If you were asked to name a famous blind person, it’s a pretty safe bet you might mention Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Helen Keller, or, if you’re a literary type, John Milton or the Greek epic poet, Homer. This roll-call, however, would omit my personal favorite and someone you’ve probably never heard of. Tom Gore was the first of two

Mavericks and Lucky Breaks

This is a blog about two truly remarkable blind people. The first is a friend in Maryland who has taught high school for thirty years. Gary is one of those rare people who just radiates class. He is the kind of teacher that every parent hopes for their child and the kind of person every student wants to have as

10 Lessons My TVI Taught Me

Veronica Lewis, a student at George Mason University, writes one of my favorite blogs on blindness and visual impairment. To my mind, this post should be required reading for every blind student, their parents, and every teacher who has a visually-impaired student in their class. You may read the original, unedited version at. As a student with low vision

The Really Blind Date

The following guest blog was written by Owen Neil, one of our newer members. As you can see, among his many virtues is a whimsical sense of humor and a light touch in approaching a topic that could easily be discouraging. O.K., not being conceded or anything, but I’m a fairly attractive guy. I have most of my original hair,

Some Pet Peeves of Being Visually Impaired

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post, “What I Wish I Could See,” that focused on the major things in the lives of Club VIBES members that they wished they could see. This was pretty heavy-duty, serious stuff. Today, I want to focus on something lighter, pet peeves, things that are just what you would guess – annoying,

I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say “No”

My wife tells the story of trying to cross a busy street in downtown Memphis as part of her mobility training when she was losing her vision. The instructor wanted her to have the experience of judging traffic to know when it was safe to cross as well as the challenge of actually crossing. All was progressing well; she listened

My Blind Sister

At nine-years-old, this blog is written by our youngest blogger and sister of one of our newest VIBES members. There have been only a few changes in spelling and punctuation, but the content is purely Harris Harris Rutherford Hi my name is Harris Rutherford. And I have a blind sister her name is Campbell and I want to tell you

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