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How Can Someone Who Is Visually Impaired Use Microsoft Whiteboard

I have lost track of the number of blind and visually-impaired people, both students and teachers, who I know that struggle with Microsoft’s Whiteboard. The following post is perhaps the best explanation I’ve read about how it can be used. While this is likely more specialized information than the average reader of this blog is interested in, it is, nonetheless,

Tips for a Successful IEP Meeting

The following article, written in 2011, originally appeared as “Tips for a Successful IEP Meeting” and was written by the staff of the on-line site GreatSchools. Although intended for the parent of a child with learning disabilities, the suggestions are still largely applicable for families of blind or visually impaired children. The IEP is a really big deal. It is

Special Accommodations for Standardized Tests

Dry reading alert! While the following post is particularly important for students, their parents, and teachers, the typical reader is likely to find it to be a substitute for ambien. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution. Standardized tests, whether Advanced Placement, SAT, ACT, GRE, or whatever, are daunting under the best of circumstances. Having to hack your way through the

Knowledge Before College (Part 2)

Knowledge before college part 2

As a high-school student, Sarah Holloway was one of the founding members of Club VIBES. She has received her B.S. in microbiology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This is Part One of an article written by Sarah as a guest writer for “Freed to Fly”. In Part 1 of this blog, I discussed the skills that a visually impaired

Great Holiday Gift Ideas 2016

2016 Gift giving ideas

As I’m writing this, my wife is unpacking Holiday decorations and has Christmas music playing on Pandora. The air in our house is just soggy with good will and love of our fellow man. The only problem with all of this seasonal festiveness is that it means that shopping is just around the corner. For me, this is a torture of which the Spanish Inquisition would have been proud.

Tell Everyone about Your STDs and IV Drug Use

Medical Privacy

If you think you have anything like medical privacy when you lose your vision, think again. I suspect that there is a secret clause in HIPAA that says, “This doesn’t really apply to anyone who is blind.” Some years ago, my eighty-year-old mother came to visit. Since she would only be in town for a few days and we wanted

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