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Facial Blindness

Facial Blindness

A Note from John:  Please welcome guest contributor Lakenzie Crawford to our “Freedom to Fly” blog. Lakenzie Crawford is a junior at the University of Tennessee where she is studying to pursue a career involving practice, research, and policy making as they relate to special education through the College Scholars Interdisciplinary Honors Program. She is one of the founding members of … Continue reading

Do I Really Have to Learn Braille?

Now that blind students can have access to talking computers, why in the world should they have to learn Braille? Computers are fun, even addictive; Braille is hard. Computers are twenty-first century; Braille is nineteenth century. Computers are cool; Braille is, well, old-fashioned. Before looking a little more closely at the issue, a few words of self-disclosure may be in … Continue reading

Talking, Braille, and Large Print Prescription Labels Now Available

spilled bottle of pills

I had never really worried about not being able to read the labels on my prescription medications, that is, not until the pharmacy delivered oxycodone by mistake a couple of years ago. Before that, all of my pills just happened to be shaped differently. Some were ovals, some were elongated, some were suitable for a large horse, etc. When I … Continue reading

The Secrets to Happiness After Vision Loss

A family gathered at a sunset

This may seem like an especially pretentious title. After all, philosophers and theologians, to say nothing of average people, have been wrestling for centuries with the question of what makes people happy. While I doubt this post will answer the question to their satisfaction, I think I’m on pretty safe ground in claiming to have a good handle on what … Continue reading

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