You can easily enjoy your poinsettia long after the Christmas season. Continue to water, keeping it inside in a sunny location. It will begin to get scraggly about the time the weather warms up enough to move it outside.  When you relocate it, cut it down to 4″-6″ in height. You might also want to replant it to a larger, more attractive pot. You can put 2-3 plants in a large pot. Choose a sunny location and the plant will soon sprout new growth. It will rapidly grow into a bushy, attractive plant and continue growing all summer, becoming 3′-4′ tall by fall. Water about once a week and feed with house plant fertilizer. When the weather cools, bring back inside, again to a sunny place, and soon the leaves will begin to turn red. By Christmas, it will be in full bloom, remaining beautiful until time to repeat the process.

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