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Club VIBES is so very pleased to have the backing of our University of Tennessee Delta Gamma Chapter. Over the last six years they have raised many, many dollars to support our program efforts.

The ladies of Delta Gamma have volunteered countless hours to strengthen our partnership and to learn much more about life as a visually impaired person. The UT Chapter has hosted learning sessions for their new members to teach them about our VIBES services. But most of all they have been friends with our young members. They give us not only financial support but great mentoring and leadership examples for our visually impaired members.

These awesome young ladies have raised monetary support each year for the past six years. They continue to set up and host percentage nights at area restaurants, organize and market other local special events like their Anchor Splash week which includes many different fundraisers. For 2016, they are our premier Platinum level program Partner. This level means they have raised over $5000 to financially support our Club VIBES program.

Wow is all we need to say. We are so very excited to have partnered with the young ladies of Delta Gamma. You all “Do Good.”

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