By Sariah

When the COVID-19 first came out it was hard for everyone. I had a hard time finding things to do. Eventually, though, I told myself I had to figure out different ways to keep myself busy. First I remembered I was supposed to learn JAWS. I realized I need to know this now because I signed up for virtual school for the first semester. To get started, I needed a computer. I had heard from some of my friends at Club VIBES about Computers for the Blind. I went online and found a phone number. I qualified and I got my computer within a few weeks. It came fully equipped with everything I needed including JAWS and very important, my computer came with a free training bundle to teach me how to use the computer.Once I learned the commands for playing/pausing and rewinding/fast-forwarding I started watching the instruction videos on my own, and have been trying to cram as much knowledge as I can before school begins. It is a great computer, but there is tons more to learn.

I have also been doing some other things during this COVID-19 time. I have been playing Objective Ed which teaches skills such as compass and clock directions. I have also tried other games through Blindfold Games, some of which are difficult to figure out.I have had some hard times with finding instructions for some games and others I couldn’t get anything to work but the background music. Once I got some them to work it was pretty easy for me to play them. I then started to search on my own and found some more games, but again I had some difficulties. I did find several that I liked though which are Color Crush, Air Hockey, and another that I believe was called Ear Word Puzzle.

I love those games but after playing them for a set number of times an upgrade was required. The sad part was I didn’t have the money to do this so I tried to trick it. I deleted the game and re-downloaded it thinking that if I delete this all my data would be deleted too and it would have forgotten that I already played this game. I was wrong. It tricked me and remembered that I had already played the games.

Other than playing games and learning to use my computer,  I have been getting in contact with organizations that do book clubs and audio descriptive movies such as Ibug. I have joined book clubs through Bard Mobile. I also went to a virtual  NFB convention.I’ve been quite busy and also have been doing a bit of meal prepping, exercising, and spending great quality time with my family. I’m also doing lots of arts and crafts.

The last thing I wanted to say is that through healthy eating and exercising life can get better.  I have lost 26 pounds and I plan to keep trudging on. It has helped me to remember that I can accomplish what I want to.  My favorite saying is “All things are possible”. 

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