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Meet Elizabeth

We have a new member, Elizabeth, who is a student at UT and experienced her FIRST EVER bike ride
at January’s tandem biking. It was exciting for everyone watching when Elizabeth threw up her arms and shouted “I am riding a bike”. Elizabeth also attended the last Young Professionals gathering. We asked Elizabeth some questions to help us get to know her.
1. Q. I understand that you are a student at UT. Where is your hometown?
    A. I am from Dyersburg TN.
2. Q. How did you find clubVIBES?
    A. I found out about clubVIBES through my friend LaKenzie who is a member.
3. A. Tell us about your first bike ride
    Q. My first bike ride was completely amazing! Growing up, that was one of the only things that I truly resented not being able to do. The feeling of complete freedom as the wind blew in my hair was unlike anything I have experienced before.  I am so grateful to clubVIBES for the opportunity!
4. A. What else have you participated in with clubVIBES?
    Q. I just discovered clubVibes so I have not had the chance to participate in much, but I am very excited to see what else clubVibes has in store.
5. A. What are you majoring in at UT and what are your plans upon graduation?
    Q. I am majoring in Speech Language Pathology and I plan on becoming a speech therapist specializing in stroke victims.
6. A. What do you enjoy doing when you have some free time?
    Q. I enjoy reading, writing, and going to the theatre.

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