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Meet Katie

Our new representative for 2016 is Katie Crutcher. Welcome Katie. To help Club VIBES get to know Katie, we have asked her a few questions.

1. Where are you from?
I am from Memphis, Tennessee! I have lived there my whole life until I moved to UT.

2. What brought you to UT and especially, Delta Gamma?
I was brought to UT because my entire family has gone here and if not at least are major fans! I was brought to Delta Gamma because my childhood babysitter and a very good family friend were both Delta Gammas and I loved and was motivated by their values.

3. Have you previously known any persons with visual impairment?
My next door neighbor back home is legally blind. He is a senior citizen that lives alone now, but he is the strongest and sweetest man. My family still sees him on his roof cleaning his gutters all of the time, which terrifies us! But he is so independent, so that will never change.

4. What are your other interests or hobbies beyond school and Delta Gamma?
Other than school and Delta Gamma, I love running (when the weather is nicer than it has been!), playing soccer, and traveling. My favorite place in the world is Italy, but I love going on road trips everywhere. In fact, this past weekend I drove down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!

5. What are your goals after graduation?
I am getting a degree in accounting here at UT, and after graduation I want to get my masters here as well so that I can take the CPA exam. After graduation, I plan to be an accountant or a banker until I can find something more specific that I want to do, still in business.

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