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Must-know National Resources for Parents

If you, your child, or a family member are new to vision loss, the following is a brief list of several of the most widely known and best respected organizations providing assistance to people who are blind or visually impaired. This is just to get you started; we’ll suggest many more in future posts.

The American Foundation for the Blind is arguably the best one-stop source for information on blindness and vision loss. There is information on such issues as advocacy, aging and vision loss, education, employment, literacy, technology, and Web accessibility.

The American Printing House for the Blind has been the world’s largest source for adapted educational and daily living products for the blind since 1858. The site contains information on APH products, research, catalogues, and more.

A little-known gem is Ears for Eyes produced by Enrichment Audio Resources. They provide free, audio lessons that teach adaptive daily living skills to the visually impaired and their families. Even a cranky, skeptical person like me has to rave about this resource.

Maybe everything in Texas isn’t bigger and better, but the Texas School for the Blind definitely is. Don’t be put off by the word “blind” in the title; there is a lot here for students who still have some usable vision.

Wonder Baby is a storehouse of resources and ideas for parents and teachers of blind and visually impaired children. The focus tends to be more on the totally blind child, however, there is a lot of great information and support for parents and family members. It’s well worth subscribing to the newsletter to insure you don’t miss anything.

Next week we’ll look at some organizations that are specifically intended to help parents and family members of visually impaired children. As I said, the list above is only a drop in the proverbial bucket so please pass along your favorite organization providing assistance so it can be included in future posts.

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