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My Blind Sister

At nine-years-old, this blog is written by our youngest blogger and sister of one of our newest VIBES members. There have been only a few changes in spelling and punctuation, but the content is purely Harris

Harris Rutherford

Hi my name is Harris Rutherford. And I have a blind sister her name is Campbell and I want to tell you what it’s like to have a blind sister. So, me and my sister take piano lessons and, most of the time, when we have a recital, people will go to my sister and say, “oh, you did  a wonderful job. I just love it!” Then, they come to me and [say], “you did fine too.” And I kind of expect it now because it has happened a lot. I think the reason why they say that to my sister is because they think it’s amazing that she can play the piano even though she can’t see the keys.

Here’s something else that happens a lot. Me, my mom, and my sister will be shopping and, if I see something I like, I’ll stop to look at it and, since my sister has no depth perception, well . . . bang!!! She bumps right into me.

Now, here is one of the good things about having a blind sister. One day each year we will go to a school and teach the students how to write their names in Braille and we’ll put blind folds on them and teach them how to use a white cane; and it is so chaotic! And I love it! I’m 9 years old so I like things a little wild!

Another good thing about having a blind sister is that I get to learn how to act around a blind person. Now, here’s how I act when someone does not act right around Campbell. One time, when I was 2 years old, a little boy grabbed her cane, and my reaction was well I poked him in the eye. I’m very proud of myself for doing that at the age of 2. Another time we were in a store and someone was staring at Campbell, and I stuck my tongue out at them.

When we’re watching TV, I’ll describe what’s going on but if [Campbell] leaves the room I’ll keep describing it to her; but then I’ll realize that she’s not in there anymore. When we’re somewhere where Campbell does not know her way around, me and my mom will walk away and then my mom will be like “Harris Elena Rutherford, did you leave you sister?” And I go get my sister. Bang.


  1. Whitney says:

    Kiddo you did a amazing job ! Your sister must feel so lucky to have such a great sister like you ! I am blind and my brother is like you he helps me a lot ! I really appreciate it ! What a great writer you are too keep up the great work on writing I think you will be a famous writer someday ! Also I love that you share with your classmates and your friends what it is like being blind and you show them ! That is very important most kids don’t understand what it is like ! Thank you for all you do !

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