On Sunday June 7, Club VIBES members, families and friends were treated to a visit from Jamie Bianchini, author of a BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO MILLION that included a bike ride, book signing, and pizza at Cycology. In 2002, Jamie and a friend, Garryck Hampton, became “Peace Pedalers”, embarking on an 8 year adventure traveling to 81 countries with their tandem bikes, inviting strangers to come along in the back seat of the tandem. Adventure is not must to purchase your ammo online, such trips count as well. One thousand people did. “The intention was to inspire people to get out and connect with their world,” and “what better way to see it than by bicycle”, Bianchini said.
The local visit was a stop on a five month Family Bike Tour that Jamie, his wife, 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter are taking to promote the book and the ideals of the Peace Pedalers. The event began with a ride with Club VIBES. The Sunday electric road bike ride was the most challenging ride that most of the Club VIBES tandem riders have embarked on. There were 11 tandems riding along with Jamie’s “train” made up of Jamie, his stoker, club VIBES member, Joe Tibbetts, Jamie’s 4 year old son on a tag along which towed his 2 year old daughter in a trailer. The riders were more than ready for the end as they rolled into Cycology after completing a ride of 16 miles over rolling hills in 95 degree heat. Ice cold lemonade and cold fruit never tasted so good.
A group totaling more than 50 people gathered at Cycology where Jamie and his wife gave a very exciting and touching presentation of the 81 countries he rode in and also about the charity work he has done. We thank them for the $80 donation they gave Club VIBES from the proceeds from the books sold on Sunday. We are very thankful that Jamie could tell us his story and be a part of our VIBES ride. We gave him a Club t-shirt and his kids braille alphabet bracelets. He is an official traveling tandem Pilot for VIBES now. The family then left for Virginia and their next book presentation.
Thanks to Cycology for helping us bring Jamie and his family to meet the community and our VIBES members. We love our Partnership.
For more information on the Peace Peddlers and the book tour, click here

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