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The Really Blind Date

The following guest blog was written by Owen Neil, one of our newer members. As you can see, among his many virtues is a whimsical sense of humor and a light touch in approaching a topic that could easily be discouraging.

O.K., not being conceded or anything, but I’m a fairly attractive guy. I have most of my original hair, all my teeth, and am fairly intelligent and live alone. I have a steady income. As far as I am concerned, these facts put me among the top 20% of eligible American males.

Then, why is it so hard to get a date?

I am willing to pay for dinner or pay for the movies. To prove my good intentions, you can bring your mother or your baby sister. All I ask is that you provide transportation.

Maybe, I’m going about this the wrong way. Read my recent foray into the dating arena. I welcome all tips, comments, or suggestions.

I met this lady on one of those internet dating sites. We exchanged all the pertinent information, talked on the phone for hours, and found-out we had so much in common. Things were going so well. She invited me to Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, I am faced with a dilemma. Should I just show up Thanksgiving Day, waive my cane when she opens the door, and holler, “Surprise!”? Or, as my friends and I say, “Give it the kiss of death; just murmur those three magic words: ‘I am blind’.”

Well, being the almost nice guy I am, I choose the latter, sensing beforehand I would have to look for my turkey elsewhere. There was this long pause; then, she announced she was going to a family dinner in another town and would be back late that night or the next day. Well, she is either still out of town and lost her phone or abducted by aliens.

Postscript, several days later: Well, I am wrong again, twice in one month. I hope it is not the beginning of a trend. The lady was not abducted nor had a prolonged visit.

She actually tried calling; however, she left no message and I did not immediately recognize the number and ignored it. We talked, are still talking. I probably will not be going for Thanksgiving. I promised not to withhold any pertinent information in the future while we work on developing our friendship.

Turns out she was not troubled by my blindness but by the fact that I withheld that information. So, the end to the story is to be honest and forthright, make no assumptions based on your own fears. Stayed tuned to find out how the friendship develops.

John’s PS: I have two blind friends, both of whom are happily married and met their sighted husbands through on-line dating services. Interestingly, both report that, in their experience, the average male was more deterred by their having a PhD. Than their blindness. We are a very insecure gender.

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