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You’re Blind? Sure, We Can Renew Your Driver’s License

I need to preface this blog by letting you know that this story is no urban legend. It really happened.

It was time for my wife to renew her driver’s license. She had lost her vision since the last time the license had to be renewed and assumed that, no one in their right mind, was going to actually renew the license and that she would now have to get a state-issued ID instead.

Thinking she would have a little fun with the motor vehicle department, she completed the form the State had sent for the renewal of the license with a friend. Walking into the appropriate office holding on to the arm of the friend and wearing her sunglasses, she handed in the form to a bored clerk who directed her down the hall to have her picture taken for the license.

When they arrived at the end of the hall, the photographer was just finishing with another applicant. Sue made a rough estimate of where she was to sit from listening to their conversation, and, as soon as the woman got up to leave, headed for the chair she had just vacated.

She ended up in the general vicinity of the target but had to spend more than a few seconds groping around for the exact location of the chair. The photographer missed the beginning of this spectacle because his attention was focused on his equipment. Once he looked up and saw Sue fumbling around to find the chair, he must have just assumed she was a little drunk and preceded as though nothing were out of the ordinary.

He began by directing her, “Look a little more to the left.” So, she looked even further left, causing her to be looking twenty or thirty degrees to the left of the photographer. Apparently, such behavior was not uncommon (after all, she was probably drunk), and the photographer said, “Sorry, to my left.”

Once the picture was taken, Sue completed the process by walking over to the photographer, handing him her paper, and walking back to meet her friend who was convulsed with laughter.

And, yes, she received her new driver’s license.

If that weren’t enough, since then, she has moved to the other end of the State and renewed the license two more times in person.

Tennessee is one of those states that apparently assumes that having a driver’s license is a God-given right under the Constitution and that, once it is given, you are entitled to keep it until you either kill or seriously injure someone else. So, the next time you’re wondering how the other idiots on the road got a license, you now know.

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