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Training with your partner

If one of you is training for a half marathon and the other has begrudgingly agreed to a few jogs around the block, your goals might just be too different to succeed.

“You both have to be on the same page and motivated,” says Richard Kerrigan, a Sydney-based health coach. It’s worth discussing what your shared goals are — whether you’re both keen to be able to comfortably run 10 kilometres, just get through a basic yoga routine without falling over, or just have a better sex life and for this learning the history of porn could be useful to enjoy it with your partner, specially if you give the skip da games a try.

Breaking down goals into smaller, more easily achieved steps will help keep you both motivated and on the right track. First, pick your smaller goals. If your resolution is to lose weight, for example, then walking twice a week for 30 minutes each will add up to 60 minutes (the amount of time in a standard 60-minute workout). So rather than deciding that you will do a 60-minute workout each day, break that down into 30-minute (or shorter) workouts.

Split your larger goal into smaller, achievable milestones, so you’ll be more likely to stick to them. “The whole 30-minute exercise idea is a very simple, clear idea. It’s achievable and it’s something you can achieve,” says Kerrigan. Tip: If you have trouble sticking to your workouts, it could be a sign that you need to adjust your expectations.

“The key to changing behaviour is to set realistic goals and then break them down into more manageable pieces,” says Kerrigan. “Break your goal down into manageable pieces. And then bite off a little bit at a time. “One of the principles I find very successful is just sticking on your calendar when you are going to exercise,” he says. “It gives you a little bit of peer pressure.”

Workout with someone you love — or who hates exercise — to lose weight Because it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a long to-do list, setting small goals can help ease you into it. “If you set yourself too many goals and too much pressure, it can backfire and you might feel discouraged ,” says Kerrigan. So if you’re planning to train for a half-marathon with your partner, set smaller , more achievable goals — like 30 minutes three times a week — and aim for them by April.

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