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Serotek and AIR Foundation – Free Screen Reader


Club VIBES knows that in today's economy things can be tight on a budget. So check out the below info.

Serotek has teamed up with the AIR Foundation (Accessibility is a Right) to offer a web-resident version of our screen reader to users completely free of charge, making any computer with internet accessible in seconds. This screen reader is only available to use with Internet Explorer.

Simply visit and create your free SA ToGo account. You can set up a fully working free online System Access Account with access to a screenreader and screen enlargement.  The user only needs to set up a personal account.   From then on, going to and logging in will provide access to the screenreading and screen magnification to any program on a computer.  You must stay connected to the internet while using this online free version.

Special note: Make sure when visiting the satogo site that you choose the free version and not the trial one.

Hope this helps all our friends out.

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