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2012 Club VIBES Volunteer of the Year


"Club VIBES presents our 2012 Volunteer of the Year Award"

Club VIBES was honored to present this years Volunteer of the Year Award to Jim McFarland. Jim has worked effortlessly to assist our Club VIBES Board in securing the IRS designation of an official 501(c)(3). This is not a small undertaking and the Board of Director's wish to grant our sincere thanks to Jim for his time and talents.

Jim McFarland volunteers with many other agencies in our community. One of those agencies dear to his heart is the Lion's Club.  Jim and his wife Sharron have been members of the West Knox Lion’s Club for many years and they continue to give their service to the community through numerous projects that the Lion's Club offers.

We say, "Hats off to Jim" not for only his work with Club VIBES but also for the many other not for profits he serves. He is a true community leader.

Club VIBES President Sue Buckley presents Jim McFarland with the 2012 Club VIBES Volunteer of the Year Award

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