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Spring Flower Sale

Club VIBES members are selling flowers this spring as a fundraising effort.  Proceeds will be used to cover expenses that will be incurred as we travel to San Diego California in the summer of 2014 to participate in the Cycling for Sight tandem bike tour.  We are offering three varieties of hanging baskets for sale through April 21st.

Boston Fern (lots of shade)

New Guinea Impatiens (morning sun and evening shade): available in White, Orange or Lavendar

Petunias (full sun): available in Purple, White, Red and Pink

All baskets are from Stanley’s Greenhouses in Knoxville and will be of exceptional quality.  Each basket is $18.00 and it is enough to make a perfect floral bouquet and checks should be made payable to Club VIBES.  These plants make a great Mother’s Day gifts and will be delivered to you on May 3rd or 4th.  Please know that Club VIBES cannot be responsible for plant care beyond these dates.

Contact us if you are interested in any flowers!

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