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We Can’t Wait To See YOU at Pint Night

Tuesday April 2nd is Club VIBES Pint Night at River Sports Outfitters. This is a way River Sports Outfitters helps raise money for local charities/organizations and brings awareness to who they are and what they do. The first 200 people get a free pint glass with our Club VIBES logo, the Horny Toad Activewear logo and a Pint Night logo. The first fill up is free! Each additional fill up is $5 and it all goes to our charity. River Sports Outfitters will also give 10% of proceeds from sales in the store between 6p-9p to Club VIBES. They will also raffle prizes for donations.

Tell your friends that Club VIBES needs them and share the “Pint Night” details on your Facebook and/or Twitter account. We look forward to seeing you at River Sports on April 2nd!


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