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Tap Tap See for iPhone

A great app to check out is Tap Tap See in the Apple App store. It helps you identify items without trying to locate a bar code on the package. Visit the Apple App store to download the free* app and then visit this YouTube link to learn how to best use it.


A note from Melissa: I have downloaded Tap Tap See on my iPhone and am impressed with what it can do.  An example is I took a picture of my laptop and Tap Tap See told me I took a picture of a laptop and was able to read the brand to me.  This impressed me quite a bit as the brand name isn’t in an obvious location.  It will also describe simple detail such as ‘black pen’ or ‘blue pen.’

Try Tap Tap See and see what it can do for you today!



*at the time of this posting, the app Tap Tap See was free.


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