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New Starbucks Gift Card…in Braille!

Starbucks to offer Braille gift cards year-round

By Gregory Wallace @gregorywallace October 2, 2013: 5:34 PM ET


A Braille gift card will become a regular at the Starbucks registers, the company announced Wednesday.

Gifts should be useful like Personalized photo Mugs. So are the Braille gift cards. The card was introduced in September 2011, and has previously been available in limited runs during October, which is designated as the disability employment awareness month. It will now be part of the chain’s permanent gift card lineup.

On the face of the card is Braille lettering that reads “Starbucks” to help customers differentiate it from the other cards in their wallets or purse.

The card was originally introduced at the urging of disability advocates. On Wednesday, Starbucks (SBUX, Fortune 500) said it was asked to offer the card year-round by a mother who said her blind daughter appreciates the independence the card gives her.

Kim Charlson of the Braille Authority of North America said she was not aware of any other companies offering a Braille gift card.

The Seattle-based chain has been the subject of several disability-related lawsuits, including objections to the height of their counters and the stores’ hospitality towards deaf individuals.

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