UT Torchbearer – Chad Foster (’00)

Chad Foster

Chad Foster

In the stillness of the night, faint stars from a cutesy nightlight reflect on the bedroom ceiling and on the faces of plush animals and dolls neatly lined on wall shelves.

Tucked under a pink floral bed quilt, four-year-old Juliana presses her tiny palms together. Her fingers, with glittery polished nails, slightly clasped, hold steady just below her tightly shut eyes. With eyelashes as wispy as the spores of a dandelion, it would seem any wish could be hers.

Almost every night, she prays God will heal Chad Foster (’00), her blind almost six-foot, 200-pound father—her prince. So he could see during their playtime what a sugar plum vision she is, twirling in a too-short, soft yellow Cinderella-like dress. And in Juliana’s childlike mind of fairy tales, he’d marry her, and they’d live happily ever after.

To read the full article about Chad Foster, click here to be redirected to the University of Tennessee Torchbearer website.

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