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ACB and Audio Describers Conference’s

John and Sue Buckley will be attending the American Council of the Blind Conference in Las Vegas in July. In addition to ACB, John is a member (and treasurer) of American Alliance of Blind Teachers and Sue is a member of Blind Information Technology Services. By participating in these organizations they are able to provide input and keep up to date on issues applicable to the blind and very important, learn about new developments in technology that is so quickly changing and is making major changes in the way blind people live and work.  

A secondary conference con-currently taking place is one for Audio Describers. This will include trainees planning to enter the field.  Sue will serve as a mentor for a trainee preparing descriptions about different phases of the ACB events. She will follow this person and provide feedback to her on the effectiveness of her descriptions. Audio Describers play an important role in ensuring that those with vision difficulties have meaningful access to movies and other visual presentations. 

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