Bearden High School Peer Tutor group visits the Club House

The Peer Tutor session for the Bearden High School students went great yesterday.

The Peer Tutor group from Bearden High School made a field trip to see the Club VIBES Club House.

John and Sue covered things with them about how important the students’ jobs are in assisting as peer tutors in the schooling times of disabled youth and friends. Students also learned of other opportunities to help. For example, if they would ever be interested in helping Club VIBES families, there could possibly be job opportunities to be readers, drivers and more. Some students really did sound interested. Sue and John hosted 19 students over the age of 16 and three teachers too. The Club House was full!

Then, John and Sue also covered what they do to live independently, use of a screen reader to do work, cook, clean, pick out matching clothes and label things in their closets and much more. The students seemed to love it.

Thanks to Ms. Reynolds from Bearden High school, this was an amazing opportunity for all.

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