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Riding with the blind kids is always the best thing I do on a bike, but today’s (March 9, 2013) UT Vision Camp was even more fulfilling: I got to see real fearlessness and resilience. Two years ago, I took Kammie, a very quiet, timid 10 year old out on the tandem during the Camp. A few hundred yards into the ride, which she was very nervous about to begin with (imagine riding on the back of a bike for the first time ever, with a visual impairment and minimal motor control…), her right foot came off the pedal and into the spokes, twisting at a very acute angle as it jammed between the wheels spokes and right chainstay. She screamed in agony, as I immediately stopped, and then reversed the bike to get her foot out of the wheel. I carried her up the hill to the nurses office to get her checked out. Her ankle was swollen and bruised, but the injury was limited to a sprain and she didn’t have to leave camp. Today we rode again. She remembered the incident, of course, but had no trepidation about riding again. She didn’t want to get off the bike when it was time to move on to the next activity. Capped off a great day with great people. Thanks to Sue Buckley and Club VIBES!

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